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Well-Dressed ManFashion is no longer just for women, as more and more men today keep up with the latest styles and trends. Though you like what you wear today and look well-groomed in them, you still probably spend a few hours every day browsing for Instagram photos of stylish men to imitate. He might be that famous guy gracing the covers of magazines or one who’ve won several best-dressed awards.

There is no secret here on how to become a well-dressed man – only signs. You need not be a style blogger or a menswear expert just to rock a good-looking outfit. Many men want to dress better, but do not have a clue on how to go about it. This article features the anatomy of a well-dressed man.

Clean, Casual Shoes

Whether its leather sneakers, desert boot or dress shoes, any guy would look awesome with a nice pair of shoes., one of the biggest streetwear stores, suggests that the first must-have is a pair of monochromatic leather in a basic colour, such as white, black or grey. Quality footwear is not a luxury, but a necessity for any man. Clean, casual shoes can make even the simplest T-shirt or hoodie look stylish.


This word probably explains it all. The way a guy dresses is the way he is perceived. If you are still wearing those old clothes that scream boring or student days, then other people will more likely treat you like a person with no experience in the real world. Get the respect you deserve by getting rid of baggy pants and jean shorts. Replace it with something that speaks maturity, such as plaid long sleeve shirt or dark suits.

Colour Coordinated

Choose clothing that will complement the colour of your eyes. You can also wear something that suits your mood and the occasion. Keep in mind that colours should complement, but never match with one another.

Most young men today do not have a clue as to how to dress right. This, however, needs to change. Dressing sharp is important, and this guide will help you get started.

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employee trainingCustomer service is the key to success. It is important to take note, however, that customer service needs to be exceptional to build brand loyalty and trust.

If you want to take your customer service to the next level, you must focus on training staff members dedicated to the task. Training is the foundation of any service-oriented business because it zooms in on one of the key contributors to business success: customers. Experts from Integrated Learning Systems suggest the following ways of training service reps to ensure that customers always get the best possible service from your company:

Give Them a Sense of Ownership

Employees need to have a sense of ownership of the company. Engage them by teaching them everything there is to know—from company history and core values to details about every product or service you offer. The more information they know and the stronger the ownership is, the more responsible they become in making the right decisions for the customer.

Set Expectations

Setting clear and measurable expectations is beneficial for all. For employees, expectations will guide them on how to meet employer standards when it comes to customer service. For employers and managers, the same allows for easier monitoring of progress and performance.

Provide Instructions on Dealing with Difficult Customers

Even the best customer service companies encounter difficult customers from time to time. Your service reps need to know how to handle customer complaints in a professional, efficient way. Equip your employees through training programs. Experts in people development will teach your staff to be assertive and use different communication techniques that will turn unhappy customers into loyal and trusting ones.

Training your team properly is the first step to delivering a reliable and excellent service to customers. The tips discussed are just a few of the many tactics you can implement. Training programs will allow your team to be better equipped with other customer-service strategies and skills, so consider introducing classes to your staff from time to time.

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dentistMany kids are afraid of the dentist. Just the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair, with their mouths wide open and sharp tools stuck inside it is reason enough to ditch dental appointments. As a parent, though, you know full well that this can never happen. Not going to the dentist regularly will put your child’s dental health at risk.

Parents and dentists have a role in reducing the child’s anxieties. As you communicate with your child about their worries, dentists do their part as well to make the experience a positive one. Here are some behavioural strategies dentists use to manage children’s dental anxiety.

Laughing Gas Treatment

In several clinics, dentists administer nitrous oxide to make patients relax and overcome anxiety. According to sedation dentistry providers like, laughing gas puts children in a happy, euphoric mood. The gas is fast acting and painless to administer. It also wears off after a few minutes. Before taking off the mask, dentists replace the supply with oxygen for a certain period to make sure that the gas wears off completely.

Tell-Show-Do Technique

Some dentists use the ‘tell-show-do’ approach in young patients. Before proceeding with any dental treatment, dentists show and explain the instruments they will use. They also inform young patients about the procedure and what to expect. This technique hopes to remove uncertainties and gives patients a sense of control. Kids are more likely to relax when they know what is happening.


Dentists often use this technique for children with specific phobias. The approach helps children in identifying particular parts of the treatment that they are worried about. Dentists encourage kids to face the perceived threat repeatedly. They reward or complement them until they are no longer afraid.

Work alongside your child’s dentist so both of you can help the child overcome dental anxiety. Talk to the dentist and ask about strategies appropriate for your child’s needs. By knowing your dentist’s strategy, you can better inform your child and encourage them to keep calm on the dentist’s chair.

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Renovate Your Home’s ExteriorRenovations are almost always a major project to pull off. It would take a lot of your resources and your time to complete it, especially if you’re remodelling a large part of the property. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to start a big project like this, such as these four:

Make Selling Easier

Of course, the look of your home does matter, especially when you’re selling it. Now, the obvious reason for a renovation is to make your property look better. When you have the most charming house in the block, passers-by would take a look in awe. In effect, prospective buyers fall in love more easily with the property, too.

Reduce Maintenance Work

Peter Bracey suggests that an exterior renovation cuts down the maintenance work. The replacement of gutters, for one, prevents soil erosion and water runoff. Tweaks on the landscape can avert water damage. Last but not the least, new cladding protects the walls from the elements. All these things contribute to a more durable home that need minimal upkeep.

Protect the Property

It’s also a good idea to renovate the exterior of your home to keep it more secure. Experts agree that the right landscaping techniques can deter burglars and keep your valuables secure. Moreover, an exterior renovation is a chance to upgrade the security systems outside – from motion sensors to security cameras.

Save Money

Perhaps the most attractive reason to renovate is to save money in the long run. Although you will have to spend for the project, it does net significant savings over time.

For example, the addition of trees is enough to keep the home cooler by a few degrees. In terms of heating and cooling costs, this goes a long way in saving cash. Add some insulation there and never would your AC have to work harder than usual.

You shouldn’t shy away from renovations, as it could actually be a good thing for your property. As long as you think about it carefully and stay in budget, a renovation would always work out to your benefit.

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Preventing Heat ExhaustionIt seems like every year, the hot weather in the Philippines becomes even more unforgiving. High temperatures are much more than an inconvenience, though. When the sun is high and scorching everything in sight, people can quickly fall to heat exhaustion, even in the comfort of their own homes.

Heat exhaustion is no joke, and in the most severe cases, it can even lead to a fatal heat stroke. Don’t take that chance; follow these simple precautions, and you will be much better off.

1. Rest during hot hours - It’s much harder to stay cool when the sun is at its peak, and exerting yourself will only make things worse. As much as possible, you should avoid vigorous physical activity during the hottest part of the day. Try to get any work done early in the morning, or leave it for the evening.

2. Keep your surroundings cool - Needless to say, you should leave the air conditioning on if you want to stay comfortable. Worried about the electricity bill? Most modern air cons like those from are far more energy efficient, so you might want to consider upgrading if you plan to use it regularly.

3. Take a cold shower - There’s nothing better than taking a nice, cold shower in the middle of a hot day. It’s an excellent way to bring your temperature down, and help you stay fresh and energetic.

4. Stay hydrated - People tend to forget this, but it’s important to stay well hydrated during hot days. You lose fluids through sweating, and drinking enough will help your body regulate its temperature. Even if you don’t feel thirsty yet, force yourself to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day.

5. Wear loose clothing - Lightweight and loose clothes are the perfect attire for days when the sun won’t let up. Wearing heavy fabrics that don’t allow you to move freely is a recipe for disaster.

No matter how hot the weather is, these tips will keep you comfortable, and safe from the risk of heat exhaustion.

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selling scrap metalsInstead of throwing your scrap metal, why not turn them into cash? Yes, you can sell these items, and it’s not even difficult. Get the best offer for the scrap you’ve been collecting. This, however, can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Industry veteran Martin Scrap Metals suggests doing more research for more knowledge. Be familiar with the items you’re selling to make sure you get a reasonable deal.

Keep track of what you have

Be sure to review the inventory of your “scrap yard”. If you have time, try to sort them into groups and label each. This will help you in any future assessment when you’re ready to sell them. Knowing the different kinds of scrap metal you have on hand is an excellent way to haggle.

Take your time

The waiting is the most challenging part. Just like any other market, the value of your items may fluctuate. This depends on the import-export issues, availability, and even the weather. It can be tough to monitor the market on a daily basis, and even more difficult to figure out how long to wait before selling your items for the best possible price. Fortunately, there are resources available for those who are just getting started. Look for websites that will help you get updated and provide valuable insights into future prices.

Keep it local

Once you have decided to unload your collection, look for scrap metal recyclers near your yard. Choose a reputable recycler who can come out to your yard, check your items, and give you a rough estimate of its value. There are several helpful services you might need to consider as well. These people can handle the bundling up to the transportation of the items from your yard, which will help save you time and labour. This can help inflate the value, as well. Discuss the best options before selling your items.

These are some of the things you need to consider when selling your scrap metal. Consult an expert and research for more information.

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learn ebooksAustralians have made clear that they want a better education for all. In a recent open letter, for one, the Universities Australia wrote the federal government to roll out reforms in the country’s higher education system. But this move isn’t the only new thing about education in Australia. As a matter of fact, different trends continue to redefine the craft.

Interactive e-Books

The digital format of books has gone beyond simple PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. Today, the experts at say that interactive e-Books are getting attention as well.

On the Internet, sharing these files has become a trend, even in lengthy case studies across different fields. Open educational resources have finally gotten the attention of the general public, where information is free and accessible.

Early education has also taken a step toward a more digital approach in the classroom, where there is interactive software that acts as a pivotal tool during discussions and activities.

Project-Based Learning

There are also educational institutions that have adopted a more long-term approach to learning. It would no longer be a surprise if there are middle schoolers who take charge of a semester-long project. The trend focuses more on the engagement of students in classes, so as to build character apart from integrating textbook lessons. Through this approach, students no longer simply listen to teachers; instead, they take on a bigger responsibility in the daily classes.

Use of Social Media

With the immense popularity of social media, it has become an idea amongst educators to harness this medium for better learning. In universities, for one, there are professors who create Facebook groups for classes where they centralise all learning material and share helpful content. Even in the United States, social media has gained traction in improving online education.

It is clear that technology has taken a bigger role in education. Classrooms may become smaller, but at least the students learn faster. Hopefully, all these trends are for the betterment of the learning process as a whole.

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Storing Tons of BooksBeing a bookworm is not easy at all. This is especially true if you’re constantly switching places. Books pile up faster than you think, and moving proves to be a test, as your little treasures are difficult to store.

Books are among the most sensitive items in your list, which is why you need to be careful when keeping them. Good practices will preserve your collection and let others gain knowledge and wisdom from your books. Below are some tips that will help you move your tons of books.

Check Your Shelves

Weeks before the move, check your shelves and look for the titles you want to bring with you to the new place. Some thoughts will tell you that you still need all those books; resist the urge to keep them all. You may hold a small garage sale to get rid of your old ones. Better yet, bring them to a charity or the local library.

Keep the Boxes Small

Don’t keep all the remaining books in one big box. Books are heavier than you think, and the box may not bear the weight of the load, which may cause damage. Seek the help of a reliable removalist and keep the books in small boxes. Small boxes will help you segregate your materials, which will make unpacking easier.


Keep the books you usually read over and over on top of the box. Group your materials according to genre, subject matter or author. Don’t forget to label the boxes, so you won’t have to waste your time looking for missing books.

Mind the Temperature

To lengthen the ‘shelf life’ of your books (pun intended), keep the boxes in an area where the temperature plays between 16˚C and 18˚C. The boxes should not be humid to prevent the moulds from thriving and avoid yellowing. Also, don’t keep your books in dry areas to keep the pages from getting crisp.

When you unpack boxes, store your books vertically. Books stack on one another often get damaged because of pressure.

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DIY House MoveMoving houses is probably one of those things that will never make the list of the world’s favourite activities. Packing a houseful of stuff sucks up not just your energy; it can also take away your sanity.

The good news, however, is that a stress-free DIY house move is possible. With careful and intentional preparation, ninja focus, and an incredible amount of patience, you can get things done without all the hassle associated with it. Here’s how:

Rent Wisely

Trust that you will need a truck or trailer rental if you have many items to move. Experts from Classic Hire suggest being extra careful when picking the size of the trailer you will hire. The last thing you want is a truck that is too small, which will need several trips. Make sure to plan and book early as well. There are certain seasons when it seems like every family is moving and it will be difficult for you to book a vehicle. Just to be safe, reserve your trailer at least a couple of weeks or months in advance.

Evaluate Your Stuff

Chances are that you have accumulated all sorts of things over the last few years. Some of them you try to keep even though you no longer use or want. Moving is the perfect time to seriously evaluate all the stuff in your house. Consider everything—don’t let an item pass. As you evaluate, ask what can be sold, given to charity, or better yet, dumped. The more items you get rid of, the less arranging, packing and unloading will be needed later.

Box Them Up

There should always be an allocation for packing supplies in your budget. You will need different kinds of boxes to ensure that the items are secured even in long drives. Buy boxes with corrugated cardboards. You can also reuse old boxes, but make sure that they are not bent, torn or damp. Get specialised boxes for clothes, art pieces, and mirrors. Other packing supplies you may need include tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, box cutters, mattress bags, and furniture pads.

Keep these things in mind as you plan your next move. Remember that the key to having a stress-free DIY move is being diligent in planning and preparing. Happy moving!

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wisdom tooth painWisdom teeth do not give you extra wisdom, but it can cause sleepless nights because of its throbbing, unbearable pain. The pain that often accompanies the eruption of these teeth is caused by its pushing other teeth or getting blocked by them. As this happens, it grows at an awkward angle under the gum, which dentists and health care experts call an impacted wisdom tooth. This impacted tooth will cause pain, swelling and irritation.

Bacteria in the tooth also contribute to further discomfort. If your wisdom tooth is robbing you of a good night’s sleep, here are some remedies you may consider to relieve the pain:

1. Clove

Clove is one of the most effective traditional remedies for wisdom tooth pain because it has antibacterial, analgesic, anaesthetic, and antiseptic qualities. Take a clove and put it on the impacted tooth. Chew the clove slowly as it becomes softer. This will allow the mouth to absorb more eugenol, an active ingredient that relieves pain.

2. Onion

Onions do not just ease swelling and calm the joint pains of arthritis, but are also effective against the most terrible toothaches. Experts say that this vegetable contains phytochemicals such as cepaene, trisulfides, and vinyl dithiins. These ingredients have anticancer and antimicrobial properties that destroy germs and soothe pain. Be sure to get red or yellow onions, as these are more effective than the white ones. Get a slice of raw onion and chew it when you feel the pain shooting up.

3. Garlic

Garlic is also effective in easing impacted tooth pain because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of. Garlic contains thiacremonone, a sulphur compound that triggers inflammatory responses in the body. The antioxidants in garlic also help reduce swelling, thus easing the pain. Crush the garlic and put it on your impacted tooth. You may also add some salt to the crushed garlic.

The best thing you can do about wisdom tooth pain is consult your dentist. Experts can better monitor your tooth and suggest treatments that will be suitable for your unique needs. Pay the dentist a visit now.

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