3 Things to Expect in the Ever-Changing Filipino Food Scene

Filipino Food Scene

Filipino Food SceneFilipino cuisine has been getting more than its fair share of the spotlight in the past few years. Renowned chef and TV Host Andrew Zimmern praised Filipino food in the international scene, calling it “the next big thing”.

In the local food scene, numerous new restaurant chains and food concepts have been popping up, giving food lovers new flavors that are always worth a try. Given this exciting prelude, along with an evolving palate for more adventurous and sophisticated fare, it’s safe to assume that foodies are in for a treat.

Here are some of the innovations you can expect:

1. A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

The Filipino food scene has been seeing a lot of fusion, not just in taste, but in dishes as well. Cronuts were the thing back in 2013, then came the ramen burger, and then anything bacon-ized. This trend is likely to continue, with many traditional Filipino foods presented in more gourmet or westernized platforms. Restaurants will have signature dishes inspired by these fusion concepts.

2. Just Like Mama Used to Make

Food that tastes good and makes you feel good is always here to stay. You can expect to see more restaurants serving up food from the past that have an emotional connection to you—dishes just like mama, or lola, used to make.

Expect to see your childhood favorite dishes such as pansit, crispy pata, and fried chicken to be given their own modern take. ClassicSavory.com and other popular restaurant chains take these traditional and nostalgic dishes to another level by presenting them in a casual, rustic, yet modern setting.

3. Big, Bold Flavors

Filipino cuisine is known for its subtlety, and you can expect to see this be highlighted in the coming years. You probably already noticed the introduction of barbecues, kebabs, and Latin flavors in the local food scene; expect this to expand to Asian flavors. The Filipino tradition of serving sizable portions at affordable prices will also be highlighted in many food establishments.

More than these three trends is the joy of seeing Filipino cuisine thrive and evolve to fit today’s standards and consumer needs. More than anything, it’s the flavors and nostalgic feeling that keep diners coming back.