3 Things You Can Do to Show Love for Country

Male Soldier and the Singapore FlagDo you love Singapore? You’ll be surprised that there are many ways to show your love for country. Here are some suggestions that you can try whether you’re a local or a foreign permanent resident.

1. Take on a volunteer opportunity to contribute to national defence.

Singapore has a uniformed volunteer scheme that allows both locals and permanent residents to contribute to national defence. Volunteer opportunities require you to undergo a progressive training wherein they are taught how to serve alongside Singapore’s NS Men and the NSF.

2. Become a good tourism ambassador for your own country.

Singapore has enjoyed a consistent stream of international travellers in the past several years. This could also be due to the fact that the country has been proactive in providing ways on how people can conveniently travel to, from, and around Singapore. From the world’s best airport, world-class transportation, and a variety of places to see, Singapore has always been one of the top countries to visit in South East Asia.

One way to show love for country is to be a good tourism ambassador, whether you’re in Singapore or living elsewhere in the world. Apart from the world-renowned tourist spots, you can help tour visiting friends to non-tourist places that are equally interesting.

3. Look for business opportunities to promote locally made products.

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise with a wide selection of international brands. If you have a small business in Singapore, you can use this venue to promote other locally made products or produce one yourself. It’s a great way to show tourists and even locals some of the brands that are locally made in the country including TWG, Banyan Tree, X-mini, Browhaus, Osim, and Akira.

There are many ways to show your love for Singapore whether you’re a local or a permanent resident. Consider these simple but effective tips to give back to the Little Red Dot.