3 Ways to Invest Without Buying Real Estate

So you want to start investing, but you do not want to enter the real estate market just yet or the stock exchange. Great news, there are many, low-risk investments you can make and best of all, you can start right away!

Here are some suggestions you can try.

Invest in Gold and Silver Coins

Gold has stood the test of time and gold comes in various forms and sizes. You can buy either gold bars or coins, and they make sound, safe investments not only because of their physical form. If you own gold coins, you have the advantage of liquidating it whenever you wish, and their value increases in time.

In fact, many experts believe that investors should have at least 10 percent of their financial portfolio in gold. But if you are quite the aggressive investor, you can increase this up to 30 percent. Consider these perks if you are looking to buy gold coins here in London.

Look into Peer-To-Peer Lending

If you are quite the conservative type, this could be the first step for you, but it still involves risks. Peer-to-peer lending is where you join other investors like yourself to fund a project pitched by someone else. You can do this normally online through sites like Landbay, LendInvest, and Lending Works.

The idea is simple; investors like you pool the money to back up the individual, who could be a stranger, who is asking people to fund his or her next project. There are many supporters of this type of investment, especially because it offers higher interest rates.

Invest in High-Quality Wines

Yes, that is right. Remember, vintage wines are the most sought-after ones among wine connoisseurs today. It is like buying gold and silver coins and other precious metals. The value goes higher with age.

So if you are the type who loves his vino, why not turn the passion into a money making venture and start investing in vintage ones. But of course, if you go into this type of investment, you need to fund for the right storage space.

You can make many small investments without dipping your toes into the real estate or stock market. Consider these suggestions and start buying your financial portfolio today.