4 Reasons Why Gold Is Important

Pile of gold watches, necklaces, coins etcGold has been an important element throughout humanity's history. Since it was first used 6,000 years ago, gold has played an important role, especially in currency exchange. Gold's unique properties – malleability, conductibility, flexibility, lustre, and shine have shaped human life in so many forms. Until now, gold bars for sale, even those from the UK are highly valuable. Here are five most common uses of gold.

1. Jewellery Use

Historically, gold has been used for jewellery and ornamental objects. Currently, 78% of gold is made into pieces of jewellery. Gold has a high lustre and is resistant to tarnish, can be formed into sheets, cast into shapes, making it perfect for jewellery manufacture. Gold can also be alloyed with other metals like copper and silver that can change its colour and increase its durability.

2. Finance and Currency

There is no doubt that the value of gold is high and the supply is limited. The rarity, usefulness, and desirability of gold have made it a useful for current exchange. Currently, gold bars are being used by governments, individuals, and institutions as an investment.

3. Electronics and Computer Use

Gold also has a significant industrial use in the manufacturing of electronics. Gold is an efficient conductor that can carry tiny currents without corroding. Golds are usually used in electronic components like connectors, switch and more. Gold is also found in the computers for its capacity to transmit digital information from one component to another.

4. Health Benefits

Gold has dental and medical benefits. Despite the extra cost, gold alloys are used for fillings, crowns, bridges and orthodontics without the adverse events. Gold is also used to treat some medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.

Gold is a Valuable Element

Gold is indeed a valuable element with many uses. Gold bars can either be transformed into pieces of jewellery, used as a currency, as an investment and more.