4 Things to Look for when Shopping for Boat Covers

a boat covered while docked

Boat covers are not created equal. They come in many different variants in terms of both material and construction. But when it comes to shopping for the best bass tracker boat covers for sale, the rule of thumb is to first look into the kind of climate there is in your area. WALK-WINN says by starting with this question, you’ll be more on point in dealing with the following considerations.


Two of the most popular materials used for boat covers are PVC and a mix of cotton and polyester. PVC boat covers are more affordable but pale in comparison to the combination of cotton and polyester, especially in terms of breathability, which is one of the major factors that make a good protective boat cover.


Boat covers are constructed using either sewn-in thread or glue. In terms of longevity, the latter is not advisable given how glue tends to wither under long exposure to heat. Sewn boat covers, on the other hand, prove more durable, especially if a topnotch thread was used.


A tie-down is what holds your boat cover securely in place. This implement usually comes as either a bungee cord or a rope. In terms of strength, the latter is the better option. Meanwhile, versatility-wise, bungee cords score better.

Boat covers are your best safeguard against different elements that cause your boat to deteriorate faster than it should. That’s why investing in a reliable product is of the essence. This is not the best time to cheap out considering even the priciest of these boat covers still prove cheaper compared to the amount you’ll have to pay for a repair after your boat suffered from scratches and what-not due to poor protection.