5 Habits for Easier Weight Loss

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weight loss programsOne common, but very damaging, misconception is that weight loss is supposed to be a painful ordeal requiring the willpower of an Olympic athlete. What people need to understand is that you lose weight and stay healthy by adding significant improvements to your lifestyle, a little bit at a time.

Here are the five habits that you will definitely need.

1. Drink more water – Regardless of your weight loss goals and plans, drinking adequate amount of water is always helpful. While some argue that the effect is minimal, there is definitely no harm in doing this. Plus, drinking more water has plenty of benefits other than weight loss, so it’s necessary if you’re pursuing an overall healthier lifestyle.

2. Do some research – Science is the best friend of weight loss, second only to hard work. Educating yourself a little bit every day on nutrition and exercise pays off hugely in the long run. This is not just easier than forcing yourself to train for an hour-long marathon, it’s also much more effective. Because you only pick up one or two helpful tips per day, you can focus entirely on making them a part of your daily routine.

Educating yourself on the available weight loss programs in Singapore is also beneficial, if you have the resources to take advantage of them. With the advances in weight loss research and technology, there are now plenty of scientific treatments out there that can help you lose weight – though they tend to vary widely in effectiveness and credibility.

3. Start measuring progress in clothes, not weight – This is a bit of an unconventional tactic, but it is incredibly effective. The biggest challenge of weight loss is to keep motivation high, and seeing measurable results is the easiest way to accomplish this. Clothing sizes are a very practical and reliable unit of measurement.

Use three or more different sized outfits; one for your current weight, one for your target weight, and something in between. As the weeks go by, you’ll notice that the first outfit becomes loose and ill-fitting on you, and you can more easily fit into the other outfits. This is a massive morale booster.

4. Slowly add more exercise – In their haste and impatience, people usually try to take on far more than they can handle and end up burning out early. Instead, take baby steps until your body gets stronger. Little things like walking a little more each day or adding a few jumping jacks to your routine add up quickly.

5. Gradually cut junk food – Once again, this is something better done in steps, rather than all at once. Otherwise, you run the risk of binge eating. Focus on removing one ‘bad’ food from your diet every week, and keep it out no matter what, even from your monthly cheat meals. You’ll eventually notice your dependence on these sugary items decreasing, until you can’t imagine why you ever felt that you had to have them.

These five very practical habits are the best possible tools in weight loss, and some would argue that they are vital if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Start practicing them today.