A Great Adventure: Fishing at the Heart of Papua New Guinea

Fishing, for many people, is a fun and thrilling adventure. The challenges and excitement it brings keep them fulfilled. The unforgettable experience keeps them coming back to their favourite locations. But fishing in the Open Bay, one of the best spots in Papua New Guinea, could be your most memorable yet.

Open Bay is only a couple of flights away from Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns. You can get there by taking a flight to Port Moresby, and another flight to Hoskins. Upon arrival, you’re only 30 minutes away from a Baia sportfishing lodge.

The Lodge

The good thing about fishing from the lodge is you can choose from the many fishing destinations. The nearest is about fifteen minutes and the farthest is about 35 minutes. You also get the chance to explore the numerous reefs and estuaries beyond those areas. A typical fishing lodge in the Open Bay has six rooms and two baths with heated showers. A generator supplies up to 240V power, enough to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Of course, there are stocks of food, drinks, wine, and beer in the kitchen and dining area. It’s a pretty good way to enjoy your bass or fly fishing holiday.

The Catch

Open Bay is a great place for fishing black and spot tail bass. It’s home to many other species like marlin, tuna, sailfish, trevally, and barracuda. Other species found in the offshore waters and reefs include mackerel, mahi mahi, and queenfish. If you’re good at fly fishing, you’ll love this place. A guide can help you if you’re not that familiar with the basic and advanced fishing techniques.

The Boat

A powerful and spacious boat will take you to your fishing destinations. Your lodge should have at least four fishing charters in place. The cost of renting may depend on the number of passengers. Talk with the lodge management to get the full details.

This is the complete recipe for a memorable fishing experience in the Open Bay. Contact a reliable booking agency to help you with your fly or black bass fishing tour.