Accessible Tubs: Making Bathing Easier for the Disabled

woman enjoying her bath tub

Self-care is something most people take for granted, but some tasks such as washing and dressing may be more challenging when you have a disability. Using an accessible tub enables people with disabilities to carry on bathing independently.

Advancing age and disability bring with them difficulties in carrying out everyday tasks. Those who have been fiercely independent all their lives want to continue doing things for themselves. Many people with disabilities balk at the idea of having someone assisting them with different tasks, such as washing. Fortunately, Heavenly Walk In Tubs cites a good alternative: a walk-in tub for the disabled.

What is a Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in tub is an accessible tub designed with the less mobile in mind. They feature a side door so that bathers can simply step in instead of having to step over the side. Some brands have a drop-down flap for flat access. Wheelchair users can then transfer easily from their wheelchair into the bathtub, in many cases without any help or support.

This type of bath reduces the risk of falls or discomfort when getting in and out of the bath. Other features include:

Integral Bath Seat – If lying in a bath is uncomfortable due to joint or back pain, the integral seat means owners can use their bath without any strain. For added luxury, some seats have heating to keep the user warm while the bath drains.

Integral Stay-Dry Surface – Surfaces on an accessible tub feature stay-dry technology to prevent slipping. Bathrooms are the most common places in the house to have a fall accident and this is because of the slippery or wet surfaces. With a no-drip surface, people with mobility problems can bathe safely.

Grab Handles – This provides added security to the user.

What are the Luxury Features?

Tubs for the disabled can also feature several luxury modes, depending on the type of bath purchased.

Spa Mode – Warm bubbling water brings the benefits of hydrotherapy to soothe aching joints.

Color Therapy Mode – A color therapy mode allows the user to bathe in subdued lighting.

With an accessible tub, bathing will become a pleasure again. Allow yourself or your loved one with a disability to enjoy every bath with maximum safety and convenience.