Accounting Error Erasers: Bookkeeping Software to Look For

What will you do if your accounting division can’t cope with its workload? Some miscalculations over the monitoring of the business finances are sure to happen. There might be errors in the checking of the daily debits and credits. This can cause delays in determining the actual financial standing of your business.

Your immediate solution might be to hire additional employees. This can help you work things out better, but you should also take into account the equipment your accounting division is using. Apart from staffing issues, your accounting specialists might need the latest small business bookkeeping software. This is applicable to businesses that cope only with a basic software program.

Looking for other programs with more features can benefit your business. They can cut down the load, and make reporting easier. This lets you check on your finances easily, and make sure there’s enough profit and budget for your business.

Other features some programs might have include: detailed report creation, purchase history viewing, and tracking of debts owed. Finding one that fits your business needs can be confusing. Here are some of the widely used small business software programs for accounting, which you can think about getting:

Sage 50 Premium Accounting

This long-running accounting software can let you create custom reporting for your budget while managing your cash flow. What makes it more impressive to use, though, is that it can help you prevent accounting fraud with its restrictive screening system and clear audit trails. This way, you can reduce your errors and minimise the ways which allow tampering of financial records.

QuickBooks Premiere Edition

Once criticised for its crowded interface, the 2013 version of QuickBooks is now easier to use and understand. What’s better about this program is that it lets you store information about your customers, suppliers, and employees in individual records. There’s also automatic data entry on your transaction forms. This can prevent mix-ups and duplicated records which make the workload of your accounting staff harder.

Miscellaneous Options

The above examples might cost quite a bit. Look for other companies that can provide the competitive, if not similar features, in more economical prices. There are many out there which you can check out for a small business accounting program that works for your processes. Ask for a free trial version you can use for at least 15-30 days. This way, you’ll see if your accounting staff can work better with it in keeping the books accurate and free from error.