Baby Care: Making Bath Time Enjoyable

Baby playing in bath tub

Bath time is a favourite activity among children. If your little ones start resisting to it, however, you have to find other ways to encourage them. An enjoyable bath starts with your effort, so read this guide to help you make their bath enjoyable:

Bring Them to the Toy Store

Ask your toddler what they want to do during bath, as it may give you an idea. Take them to the toy store and let them choose any kind of toy that they want to bring to bath. Make sure that these are age-appropriate, though. If they refuse, you can simply browse for baby accessories online to find toys that they might like, such as floating objects and bath books.

Baby playing in bath tubUse Bubbles, Lots of Them

Bubble baths are a fun addition to the tub. Many children can’t resist the fluffiness of the foam it produces, so might as well try it. Let your toddler soak for a few seconds and give them toys when they start to get bored. Try to blow bubbles using your hand and let them pop it.

Dress Up the Sponge

Buy bath sponges and cut them to different shapes, like geometric or animal figures. Designing bath sponges will help your toddler relax and they can play with them. Baby necessity shops, like The Little Haven, recommend soft fabric wash cloths if your little one doesn’t like the texture of sponges.

Change the Colour of the Water

Let your toddler use their imagination. Use a few drops of food colouring to change the colour of the water. Use blue to make it look like the sea, for instance. Add toys like pirate ships and mermaids to make bath time look like a quest under the deep blue sea.

Bath time shouldn’t be something your toddler is complaining about. Let them enjoy it once again by buying baby accessories from local or online shops.