Be Bold: Invest in Gold

investing on gold bars

investing on gold barsGold has been recognised as the ultimate store of value. In fact, physical investment in gold is one of the safest investments you could ever make. It is one of the most sough-after metals and has a track record of keeping its high value for years.

Buying gold barsis an excellent way to build your gold portfolio. As they come in a variety of sizes, they can accommodate a wide range of investors. Here are some of the other things you need to know about gold.

Gold Coins vs. Gold Bars

Apart from providing you stability, gold bars sell for lower premiums than coins. This is because of the low production cost and less elaborate designs. Additionally, most gold bars are 99.99 per cent pure. Gold coins, on the other hand, contain a few elements of copper for durability.

Finding Gold Bars

In addition to auctions sites, you can also purchase gold bars from bullion dealerships. You can find them locally at coin shops or buy physical gold bullion bars directly from banks. When purchasing bars, keep in mind that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best choice. Consider any differentiators that some gold dealers may have over others.


As these bars in small dominations are less costly, they are great for a budget-conscious investor. When buying them, however, perform your research to understand all the associated costs. Know if there are any hidden commissions, shipping costs, and extra charges for using credit cards or wire transfers.


Gold bars are available in different sizes or weights. You can purchase them in as small as per gram, per ounce, or kilo. Determining the right size to purchase depends on various factors such as budget, per ounce target, liquidity goals, and many others.

Ease of Liquidity

Liquidity is an important factor in your gold investment. It protects you against inflation and crises. Being able to liquidate should be a simple process. In doing so, acquire the bars from trusted and established suppliers. When you buy highly recognised brands, you can sell them anywhere at a fair price.

Physical good investment is a great to protect your assets in times of crisis and instability. Just make sure to purchase them from reliable suppliers and find a proper location to store and secure them.

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