Be Storm-Ready: Gearing Up Your Home for the Rainy Weather

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roof maintenanceStormy weather is not uncommon to those who live in Perth. Over the years, the city and its people have endured tropical cyclones, which remain to be a significant weather hazard in Western Australia. Due to its geographical location, the city is constantly vulnerable and normally within the path of nature’s incredible show of power.

The heavy rains and wild weather seen recently shows just how dangerous weather conditions can be. Destructive winds and rain can easily pummel a property into rubbles if homeowners do not prepare for the storm. Good thing that it does not take much to equip your property and make sure it can withstand torrential rains.

If you are gearing up your home for the rainy days, here are some things to think about:

Strong Winds Can Pick Up Items Lying Around

Strong winds can easily topple down large structures; imagine what it can do to objects without a sturdy foundation. They can become projectile missiles and damage your property, or worse, injure someone.

Clean Up the Gutters

Roof maintenance experts in Perth say that the most common causes of heavy storm damage are blocked gutters and drainage systems. Accumulated leaves, twigs, or dirt can easily block the gutters and downpipes, which causes the rainwater to overflow. This can result in flooding and pave the way for more extensive damage to your property. Before a storm comes, make sure that these roofing features are in good condition.

Mind the Trees

Trees can also become dangerous in extreme weather conditions. Branches may fall and damage your property. Some trees may be uprooted as well. To prevent this from happening, consult with your local council about proper tree trimming measures.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

If you still do not have one, it is high time to get an emergency kit for your home. Power outages are common during storms, so prepare emergency lights. If possible, it is also a good idea to invest in a power generator. Lastly, keep medical supplies and emergency food stored safely.

When it comes to face Perth storms, all you have to do is to know the proper preparation measures. You can minimise property damage and keep your family safe.

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