Benefits of Using Corflute for Your Business Signs

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 1:00am by admin

Open SignSmall businesses, especially those with brick-and-mortar stores, benefit from using well-thought out business signs. One way to take advantage of the power of a business sign is to use the right materials for your sign. Corflute sheets are rapidly becoming the material of choice for many marketers.

If you are planning to put up new signs, take the time to meet with corflute sheet suppliers and check out how you can maximise this type of durable corrugated plastic for your business signs.

1. Flexibility

Corflute sheets are soft and easy to mold, allowing you to unleash your creativity and use signs of all shapes and sizes. They are also very receptive to colour, which means you can have vivid, eye-catching, and detailed signs that customers will be able to discern from a distance.

2. Durability

Despite their malleability, corflute signs are made from high-quality plastic sheets that can last for up to five years. Because they are waterproof, they are suitable for use as outdoor signs and can withstand rain or hail.

3. Portability

Corflute signs are made from lightweight plastic, which make them the perfect signs for temporary setups, such as in trade shows, community fairs, or exhibits.

4. Environment-Friendly

You may balk at the word plastic, but corflute sheets are 100 percent recyclable. The moment you see your signs showing signs of damage, you can easily take them to a recycling center and have the plastic recycled.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Corflute manufacturing is low-cost and easy, which means you don’t have to make a significant investment for corflute signs. If you need an assortment of business signs, corflute is the perfect material, since you can buy in bulk without having to lay down a significant amount.

When it comes to attracting customers, there is still no denying the power of a compelling business sign. Take advantage of this by investing in low-cost, durable, and flexible corflute sheets that you can use for your business signs.