Better communication IS essential to Business Success

people using reliable network connection

people using reliable network connectionEffective communication is essential to any business’ performance. Sharing of information, a vision, including clear plans and goals among the members of your organisation is crucial to any company’s success.

Methods of Communication

There are different methods of communication in any organisation, all of which are imperative towards realising the company’s goals and vision. Written correspondence helps the business communicate with clients and investors. Phone conversations facilitate the beginning of a good business relationship, while personal interactions with clients establish integrity and reliability and further promote organisations’ products or services.

One-Way and Two-Way

One-way communication happens when the company sends out information to its employees and customers, as in the case of advertising. Two-way communication occurs when the company opens itself to feedback from its employees or clients. Social media marketing, for instance, is a form of a two-way communication that lets a business communicates directly with its customers and vice versa.

The Role of Technology

Technological innovations affect every aspect of a business, including its communication. The Internet, for instance, allows businesses to reach their target audience much more easily and effectively. In recent times, social media has dramatically shaped how companies communicate with their customers. Through social media, companies can build more direct relationships with their customers.

More advanced equipment and devices support and enhance communication within an organisation. A hosted PBX, a telephone system, for example, offers companies a cost-effective and efficient way to reach employees and customers.

Good communication, with the help of technology, is the key towards achieving business growth and success. Effective communication with your staff, customers and other stakeholders keeps your organisation continually ahead of the competition.


About the author

Leola Schamber

Leola Schamber works in a law firm as a corporate communication specialist. She has also written two books about corporate communication ethics.