Better Storage and Function for Your Garage

There’s more to a garage than simply being a parking space for a vehicle. It can also serve different functions, such as a storage area or a workshop for the family. This is why many households implement certain methods to put the garage to better use.

As the typical garage is big enough, you don’t have to waste space and transform it into a functional multi-purpose area. Here are some tips to get you started:

Use the Walls

Most walls are durable, so it can transform into an instant storage area without taking too much space. Install wall cabinets, shelves, or any kind of storage fixture for small supplies. Mount hooks, brackets, gladiator wall solutions pack, and other hardware for big and bulky items. Use the entire wall surface if necessary to store items efficiently.

Bring the Cabinets Up

Make use of the high spaces by installing cabinets. These are ideal for items that you rarely use, such as holiday decorations, camping gears, and old appliances. It’s also good for long-term storage of items with sentimental value. In addition, higher cabinets can save your items from flood and other damaging events on land.

Look Up the Ceiling

Heavy-duty plastic bins can be an additional storage for your garage. Simply use homemade support carriages on the ceiling area to carry the plastic bins. To do this, you have to screw and glue 3/4-inch plywood flanges to 2x4s onto the ceiling. Afterwards, screw the carriages to ceiling joints, so the plastic bins can slide through.

Foldable Materials

Use foldable materials to save space, especially when the garage is too small for the vehicle and working station. Install a fold-down working bench, preferably on the wall, so everything is on a single side. This way, you can use the garage as a working space when necessary. Use a gladiator wall solutions pack, so the items you need are within reach.

Use thick plywood and 2×4 lumbers to build the working bench. Attach these to the wall by using the hinges. This way, the workbench works similar to a door that you can adjust anytime. Use threaded pipes, flanges, and screws to make it durable.

Rolling Work Station

Apart from wall-mounted workbenches, it’s also a good idea to have a movable working station. This way, you can bring it anywhere within the garage. It lets you work comfortably because you can simply roll it out when reaching for other materials. To do this, you have to buy a specific wheel caster.

A caster is a small wheel that people can attach to different household items to provide mobility and ease of transport. Decide on the items you’ll be working on the bench to figure out its weight and capacity. This will help you decide if you need to install a light duty or a heavy-duty wheel caster.

Electrical Wiring

Many electrical tools need a single outlet to not overload and operate properly. Look for open studs where you can run electrical wires and add outlets. If the walls are covered, there’s no need to cut its surface. Buy a metal or plastic wiring channel and outlet boxes instead. This way, you don’t have to ruin the garage’s interior.

Proper Ventilation

Insulating the garage will keep it cool during the summer and warm during winter. Install roof vents or exhaust fans to let the air circulate. The ideal measure for a vent opening is around 144 square inches per 300 square feet. Install vent chutes between the trusses to make it more effective. This way, you don’t have to leave the garage door open to get a good temperature.

It’s now possible to create a functional, space-saving garage with the use of different tools, such as gladiator wall solutions pack, wall cabinets, rolling workbenches. Look for a home improvement supplier to get the best materials.