Beyond Forgotten Passwords: Other Things IT Experts Can Do For Clients

lock on a keyboard

If you work in a company, you’ve probably encountered someone from the IT department. Some of you may know that it stands for information technology, but are you familiar with what these professionals do?

Sure, they work with computers and they help you with passwords you’ve forgotten, but here’s an in-depth look at what they do:

IT Certifications

Just like licensure exams for teachers, engineers, or accountants, IT professionals have tests that serve as certifications of their skills in the field. An A+ certification practice test is a good example. CertBlaster explains that this practice test hones the skills of IT technicians until they are ready to take the actual exam. This gives assurance to employers that IT pros with certifications are eligible for hiring.

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

Another task that IT pros specialize in is managing firewalls, which are parts of a computer system that block unauthorized people like hackers from accessing the computers of a company. IT pros can also tweak the company’s Internet connection in such a way that it won’t be able to load websites not related to work.

Technical Support

IT professionals also provide technical support to clients who call about malfunctioning or crashed programs. The IT technician could then answer questions and provide instructions over the phone so that the client could know which steps to take. Other companies have in-house IT personnel who can come over immediately to the affected computer so they could fix it.

Virus Removal

An IT technician ideally monitors the computer system and alerts other employees if there were attempts to breach the system. If a virus has affected the PCs, the IT expert could be called to remove the viruses from the computer.

People who work in the IT sector don’t just help you log in after you forgot your password. They also manage firewalls, provide technical support, and remove viruses safely from computers. Without IT professionals, businesses and individuals would struggle with cyber attacks, crashed programs, or viruses.