When a Bookworm Decides to Move: Tips on Storing Tons of Books

Storing Tons of Books

Storing Tons of BooksBeing a bookworm is not easy at all. This is especially true if you’re constantly switching places. Books pile up faster than you think, and moving proves to be a test, as your little treasures are difficult to store.

Books are among the most sensitive items in your list, which is why you need to be careful when keeping them. Good practices will preserve your collection and let others gain knowledge and wisdom from your books. Below are some tips that will help you move your tons of books.

Check Your Shelves

Weeks before the move, check your shelves and look for the titles you want to bring with you to the new place. Some thoughts will tell you that you still need all those books; resist the urge to keep them all. You may hold a small garage sale to get rid of your old ones. Better yet, bring them to a charity or the local library.

Keep the Boxes Small

Don’t keep all the remaining books in one big box. Books are heavier than you think, and the box may not bear the weight of the load, which may cause damage. Seek the help of a reliable removalist and keep the books in small boxes. Small boxes will help you segregate your materials, which will make unpacking easier.


Keep the books you usually read over and over on top of the box. Group your materials according to genre, subject matter or author. Don’t forget to label the boxes, so you won’t have to waste your time looking for missing books.

Mind the Temperature

To lengthen the ‘shelf life’ of your books (pun intended), keep the boxes in an area where the temperature plays between 16˚C and 18˚C. The boxes should not be humid to prevent the moulds from thriving and avoid yellowing. Also, don’t keep your books in dry areas to keep the pages from getting crisp.

When you unpack boxes, store your books vertically. Books stack on one another often get damaged because of pressure.