Buying a House: Find Out How Much You Can Afford

Image showing asset computation in preparation to buying a houseApplying for a loan is one common way to finance a new home purchase. If you’re thinking of getting a mortgage, it is helpful to find out how much home you can afford. Before you start looking at potential houses, you need to know much you can borrow, and you can do this by getting a prequalification from a lender.

Mortgage brokers in Phoenix note that the ideal home price depends on how much money the lender is willing to let your borrow. This differs from buyer to buyer and lenders base this on different factors, such as:

Credit score.

Many lenders prefer borrowers with high credit score. This is because it means that they can handle financial responsibilities very well. It is also good to know that a good credit rating gives you a better chance of getting a loan with a lower rate.

Ability to pay.

A part of your income will go monthly mortgage payments, responsibilities, and other debt. Note that the amount of debt you have will affect how money a lender will let your borrow. If you bring in a significant amount every month, lenders will see you as an attractive candidate.

Down payment.

This is the money you pay the value of the property when first buy it. A sizeable down payment (preferably at least 20%) shows that you know how to save. This also decreases the loan-to-value ratio (the amount you are borrowing against the collateral), boosting your chances of getting the loan you want.

When determining how much home you can afford, you also need to consider how much money you are willing to devote on your mortgage and how much money you have left. A prequalification considers your income, debt, savings, and credit history to determine the amount of loan you can borrow. After this, you can get a preapproval and start making offers on potential houses.

If you’re in the market for a loan, it is best to do everything you can to be an attractive borrower. You should also get in touch with a reliable lender to know about different mortgage types that fit your financial situation.