Buying the Right Caster Wheels for Different Types of Flooring

Posted on Aug 8 2013 - 5:49am by Cathy Brunetti

As you wake up in the morning and start your daily tasks, you use numerous conveniences and inventions that make your life easier and your tasks more efficient. Most people often overlook the importance of these devices. The tools you use on your day-to-day life are products of hard work and experiments aimed at providing comfort. Be it a heavy-duty machine or a small caster wheel, every device offer its own benefits.

Caster wheels are one of the great inventions that provide comfort at home and even in most industries today. It’s wheel mounted to a fork with an additional offset steering joint, which allows the wheel to pivot 360 degrees. Many people don’t pay much attention to these inventions, but the truth is that casters can make a great impact on your productivity and efficiency. You must buy the appropriate caster wheel to ensure great comfort.

Casters for Hardwood Flooring

While some business owners choose to lay tiles or carpet in their workplace, most companies prefer wood flooring because it’s easy to clean and durable. You need to use soft wheels such as polyurethane casters to protect your hardwood flooring. Make sure to mount them properly to prevent any danger and inconvenience. The advantage of these casters is that they don’t leave marks and scratches on the floor.

Casters for Carpet

When using carpet in your office, you need to look for casters with hard wheels. The most recommended caster wheels are those at least 60mm in diameter. When buying caster wheels, tell the salesperson what you really need to avoid purchasing the wrong product. Go for a larger wheel diameter for comfortable movement of furniture over the carpet.

Casters for Tiles

Caster wheels work best on flat and smooth surfaces like tile floorings. A soft rubber wheel in office chairs and other furnishings is a good way to ensure your tiles will not suffer cracks, marks, and other forms of damage. Most of these rubber wheels come with fine threads for swiveling and sealed ball bearing for maximum security.

It’s important to inspect caster wheels regularly to ensure safety and convenience for all concerned. Certainly, heavy-duty caster wheels and many other types play a significant role in most industries today.