Cash for Trash: Old Used Things You’re Better Off Selling

Posted on Oct 23 2013 - 9:43am by Leola Schamber

junk carEvery now and then, you find your closet full of things you no longer wear and your garage or attic packed with boxes of old things you’re no longer using. Evidently, it’ll be a smart decision to get rid of some of this stuff. Selling the items you no longer need or want is a great way to bring in some extra cash and clearing up your home of all the clutter.

There are a lot of places to sell your stuff, but choosing how to do so can be a bit intimidating. The key here is knowing what you should sell and where you should sell it. You do can everything from your old cars to the simplest things like old clothes, sports equipment, and furniture.


Whether it’s after doing your spring or winter cleaning, electronics are always best-sellers in garage sales. Electronics that are in good condition will always find a buyer. Although new models are showing up, some people will always want to go with the basic models, even if it’s secondhand. There are also some people who collect old electronics to complete their collection. Some of the electronics you have can even be ‘limited edition,’ which you can sell for a bit higher.

Household Products

Another category of old stuff you can get rid of are your household sundries. From your clothes and light furniture to home accessories, well-maintained items sell easily. The well-kept China set you got as an anniversary gift, that extra coffeemaker you don’t use, or even the old recliner that wants to be replaced by a new one, will likely be sold easily. If it’s useful, somebody will want it.

Junk Cars

Cars are one of the things you have that can depreciate quickly, especially in big cities like Los Angeles where new is always better. The old clunker you have will probably be more useful if you get cash for your old car in Los Angeles by selling it. Getting money for your junk car instead of paying several hundred dollars for repairs is already a good bargain.

It may be difficult to sell your car in Los Angeles for some cash, or give up some of your old household items because of the sentimental value they have, but being practical is important. You’re no longer using them, so you might as well get something out of them.