How Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day this Year?

valentine park date

valentine date coupleWith Valentine’s Day just a little over two weeks away, couples all over the world are scrambling to make plans and book reservations. The icing on the cake is that it lands on a Saturday this year, so expect plenty of over-the-top weekend dates filling your newsfeed once everything is said and done.

But what if instead of feeling excited as well, you’re completely stumped for ideas? If you are in a long term relationship, both of you are probably tired of the same old “restaurant and movie” routine, no matter how pretty the accompanying bouquet of roses is.

Instead, try something new this year; there are plenty of things a couple can do that would be much more fun. You can probably pick up some excellent date tips by reading local publications like, but in the meantime, here are a few ideas to think about.

1. Have a beach or park picnic –Pack a basket full of sandwiches, put on your best “sunny day” wear, and go out for a fun trip to the nearest park or beach. Whether you prefer listening to the waves crashing against the sand or relaxing under the shade of a tree, this is perfect for couples who like the outdoors more than some stuffy restaurant. A date like this makes for some really great pictures, too.

2. Go shopping together – This won’t work for everyone, as some guys dread the idea of shopping more than anything else, but why not go to the mall and get each other some nice things? Maybe it’s a new guitar, or a brand new pair of shoes – whatever the case, that item will have much more meaning since you bought it as a couple.

3. Make a 5-star meal at home –Rather than booking two months in advance, sharing the restaurant with a dozen other couples, and paying an arm and a leg for the “privilege” of fine dining, try making a delicious meal at home. Set up the candle lights, put on your fanciest outfits, and enjoy the night with just the two of you. Your wallet will be much happier as well.

4. Complete relaxation – Make an appointment at the spa, have a relaxing bubble bath, or just curl up under a blanket and watch a few movies. A laid-back Valentine’s Day is one of the best things ever, and it will be a day well spent. This also happens to be one of the best ways for a couple to really bond, as there are no distractions and nothing to worry about.

With that said, only you can really say what the best Valentine’s Day dream date would be for the two of you. Try coming up with something perfect for your tastes, and it will be much more memorable.