Construction Professionals are in Demand in Australia

Posted on Feb 1 2017 - 7:50am by Trina Padovano

Construction WorkersA high volume of residential projects and several infrastructure development plans will continue to underpin the demand for civil construction jobs in Australia, according to a report from a recruitment firm Hays.

The increase in the number of required construction workers and the abundance of projects will also serve as indicators of a greater need for building supplies in Australia, notes an expert from Form Direct. The outlook certainly shows a win-win scenario for job hunters and construction suppliers.

Across Australia

New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will lead the country’s states in terms of construction employment. Experience workers in NSW will find work opportunities in every project type. Some companies are planning to hire people even when a project has not started yet, while others will be keen to offer permanent or temporary employment.

Those looking for construction jobs in Victoria, Queensland, will also find it easier to find work in all sectors as well. Residential projects, commercial developments and civil works are some of the good areas to land a job.

In ACT, the Hays report also said that its construction market will be busier than ever after projects were forced to be postponed due to an unusually wet winter season. The release of land parcels and road projects that are underway will spur the need for more jobs.

By job type, some professionals that will be in demand include contract administrators, site managers and construction estimators.

Busy Sydney

The NSW government advised commuters in Sydney on a year-long construction project that will affect transportation route. NSW Transport and Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance said that 2017 will have a significantly higher level of construction activity compared to the previous year.

That’s why the Constance urged the public to make adjustments in their daily commute, as there are almost A$20 billion of Metro rail lines under construction and building projects for stadiums among other types of infrastructure works across the city.