Corporate Videos: Creating Genuine Interactions

corporate video production

corporate video productionIt’s a fact. Corporate videos have a reputation for being boring. It’s because most businesses go for safe, not great. A little company profile and the overview of their products and services are the common templates. It is easy and it used to work. And their reputation is safe.

This belief is starting to change, though. Viewers are starting to realize that safe doesn’t ignite interactions and movement. Safe doesn’t challenge them to do a move that will benefit the business. It doesn’t move them to doing transactions – it doesn’t mean anything.

People are social creatures by nature. They’re naturally drawn to stories with which they can relate. So you should create corporate videos that involve the full range of human emotion. Here’s how to do it.

Think of a story

Show a story. Take your viewers on a journey and create nice transitions between beginnings, middles, and ends. Don’t show them your achievements and your product figures. Create a storyline related to your niche to capture their attention. Marketing is more effective when it’s done subtly.

Avoid file complexities

That epic corporate video will go to waste if viewers can’t play your file. Think compatibility. Make sure it’ll play on different players ,like a free and portable SMPlayer for Windows or a similar program. Use common video codecs. A .flv or .mp4 file is one of the most typical video codecs you can use for video playback.

Involve your organization’s personality

The reason some corporate videos are boring is that they lack personality. Add personality by featuring real people. Forget about figures and graphs about your company’s progress. Videos filmed in an interview-type format featuring the CEO or a satisfied employee are usually more engaging and enjoyable to watch.

Shorter is better

You can’t tell it all in a two-minute presentation. Still, you can inspire them by not hard-selling your business. You’re creating a video to make viewers aware about your services, not telling the whole story about how you started your business.

Choosing safe doesn’t mean you’re still going to win customers. Take risks and think outside the box. Be creative and inspiring. And lastly, make your video compatible with different players for maximum viewing experience.