Customers Should Be First in Web Design


StudentYour idea of a good website is probably one that is astonishing, complete with stunning images and a cohesive design that makes any site visitor exclaim “Wow!”

Of course, these are expected features, but it takes more than a multi-coloured, beautifully designed site to convert visitors to leads, and ultimately, into customers. Not realising this could be where you are going wrong.

It’s About the Customers, a leading web design company in Kent, explains that a good web design is all about the customers. It should not only look appealing, it should also solve the customer’s problems through your products and services.

A customer-centric web design means optimising the site to attract the ideal buyer and guiding them throughout the purchasing process. The focus is not only on promotional offers and sales, but also on the viewing of products, registration, and payment. More importantly, it should speak the buyer’s language.

It’s Them, Not You

When it comes to websites, the decision for design often comes from you (the owner) and the designer. But what about what the customers think? Isn’t that what matters most?

The idea of customer-centric design should take the opinion of customers into account. By surveying a sample of your target demographics and taking the time to really understand their concerns, you can create a design and content strategy that addresses their unique needs and challenges.

A design built around customer-centric content — rather than the other way around — is a great way to ensure visitors get what they want from your site. In essence, this turns your site into a salesperson who does all the work for you.

Build It and They Will Come

A customer-centric website, if you manage to build it right, should be easy to navigate on any device and have content that makes it feel as if you read their mind.

Because you have designed the site and its content around their needs and experiences, there is no guesswork — customers will feel like you truly know them and that you care about them.