Dodgers Rout Braves 6-1 In Game 1 Of NLDS

claytonThe first game of the NL division series was a highly anticipated one and the way the game progressed, it would have surely left the audience crammed into the stadium satisfied, never mind that the Atlanta fans had to go home nursing a loss.

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves 6-1 on Thursday night thanks to Clayton Kershaw striking out 12 and allowing only three hits and Adrian Gonzalez’s two-run homer.

Kershaw’s dominant performance

In the beginning, Kershaw walked three batters, but as the game progressed, he continued to gain confidence which was clearly visible when nine of his last 11 outs came on strikeouts.

Commenting on his dominant performance in the night, Kershaw said that ‘it’s up there’ and added that ‘it might be the best just because it’s my first postseason win’. The Dodgers’ pitcher continued that the win had a ‘special meaning’ for him for sure.

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