Driving Around the Big Apple: The Long and Short of It

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trusted audi dealersOne reason alone cannot justify New York City’s stature as the City of Dreams. As a global power city, New York has far-reaching influence on finance, media, art, and fashion, among others. It is the cultural capital of the world, hosting some of the most important persons, places, and events.

There’s a catch here, though. While public transportation is another poignant feature of the city, you cannot see and take in all that New York can offer on yellow cabs and the city subway alone. Sometimes, driving can take you to places not accessible by public transport.

If you are planning to live or visit NYC long-term, here are some more reasons you should buy a car soon:

More Mobility

A private vehicle lends you more freedom in seeing the whole of New York. As you can easily find a reliable Audi dealer in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and nearby places, you can start driving around the city in your own car.

Drive to the West Village, the quaint neighborhood with cobblestone streets, and excite your senses with blocks of bakeries and wineries. Then visit the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center and see the impressive art installations.

Rolling Convenience

New York is where many people convene, which explains the heavy congestion when it comes to public transport. Common issues include late train arrivals and pricey cab rates. If you are not used to dealing with other people while on the move, public commuting in New York City can be a nightmare of an experience.

You feel less stressed if you have your own car. You don’t have to battle it out with others when hailing a cab or taking the subway. You can even discover more of the city by taking shortcuts and paths less traveled.

Prestige in the City of Dreams

When you’re in New York, everything seems to have that sparkle of glamour and prestige. You can bask in that special feeling when you have a private vehicle. It’s no secret that when you own a car, it can improve your image. Get around the city aboard a great car, and feel proud to experience New York first-hand.

New York by public transport pales in comparison to the Big Apple via an Audi. With many trusted dealers of Audi in Brooklyn and other places, it’s that easy to buy one and explore all that the city offers.