Event Planning Basics: Finding the Ideal Tent

Clear Tent MarqueeTent rental is a practical and convenient option when holding an event. Unlike typical function venues such as halls, party tents bring you closer to the outdoor and provide plenty of space for big-scale events.

You must consider a number of things when renting a tent for your upcoming event or party. Here are some tips to guide you in finding the right tent.

Know how many people are attending

The number of guests or attendees is one of the most important things to consider. Obviously, the tent that you would need for a large-scale marketing event should be bigger than those used for small, intimate weddings. Keep in mind that you need plenty of space for your guests, but never fall into the trap of having a venue that’s way too big for the function. It's a good thing that tents come in different sizes. The most common sizes are 20’ x 40’, 30’ x 60’, and 40’ x 60.’

Consider features and amenities

It’s also important to consider the necessary event amenities and venue features so you can choose the right size and type of tent. How many buffet tables do you need? Do you want a drink station or photo booth in one corner? How about a mini stage or dance floor? Inform your service provider about your venue requirements so they can help you with the setup and arrangements in the tent.

Know your tent options

Make sure that you know the available options to have the most suitable type of tent for your event. For example, you can go for a pole and tension tent if it’s fine to have a center pole in your venue. If you want an unobstructed view inside the tent, you can choose a frame or clear span tent for rent.

Find a tent rental company offering a wide range of tents so you can find the right one for your needs and budget. Go for one with reasonably priced tents and services to get the best value for your money while having a nice venue for your event.