Finding New Use for Old Laptops

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 3:25am by Cathy Brunetti

trading laptops for cashHaving a laptop is a convenient way to always stay connected. These devices, however, also have a tendency to run slower than desktop computers. Like any computer, a laptop’s functionality and speed deteriorates over time.

Fortunately, you can find new use for old devices by trading in laptops for cash. To do this successfully, consider these steps:


Pull your laptop off the shelf and dust it good. Take note of the basic information about your laptop, such as its model number, serial number, and other identifying features. Check the status of your laptop. For instance, if your USB ports (which are attached to your motherboard) aren’t working anymore, replace your motherboard. After doing so, check if the other parts are still working, such as the LCD screen, keyboard, and battery pack.


Search the Internet for companies that buy old, used, and non-working laptops. Check out the companies to make sure they’re real, and not just some online rogue. Search for reviews about them, contact the number, or email address provided on their site. Another way is to check out their “last updated” statement found at the bottom of their homepage.


Evaluate the company’s turnaround time when responding to customer queries. Send them an email and see if they reply promptly. They should have a quick response time, like within 24 hours. If it’s been almost 2 days and you haven’t heard anything from them, move on to another company.

Ask for initial quotes. Inquire about the amount they’re willing to offer for trading in laptops. Also, don’t forget to ask if they cover the shipping cost, or if you have to. Many companies often shoulder the shipping and even packaging fees.


Negotiate the initial quote with the company you’ve chosen. After receiving and inspecting your laptop, they can offer you another price. It’s up to you to haggle for the right price.

Pack and Ship

After deciding on the buyer, pack your laptop securely and ship it. You don’t want the working parts of your laptop to be damaged before reaching the company. Remember that they still have to inspect the device after receiving it.

Instead of throwing away your old laptops, find new use for it. Trade it in for cash, and “laptop specialists” may revive it even if you’ve already declared it dead.