Friars Club Honors Don Rickles

rickles87 year old comedian Don Rickles was honored by the Friars club on Monday. Robert De Niro who starred with Rickles in the 1995 movie “Casino” was among those in attendance. Others included comedians like Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart and Louis CK. Recorded greetings poured in from the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart. John Mayer, Natalie Cole and Diana Krall sang for him. Lewis Black even said that “Rickles” should be a verb meaning to ridicule exquisitely.

Rickles for his part had some insults to shower on the attendees. He said “So many stars here, nobody big”. He told Krall, her husband Elvis Costello was the “real star” among the couple. He said Black was “full of anger and hate” and was likely “to die young”. Commenting on himself he said “I’m standing here, barely”.