Function and Style: Remodelling a Kitchen Like a Pro Kitchen Design Planner

Posted on Nov 20 2013 - 7:03am by Cathy Brunetti

kitchen designApart from looking great, a kitchen design should also let you work comfortably and efficiently. There are different ways to start a kitchen remodelling. Some look for inspiration from magazines and websites, while others shop for kitchen appliances before deciding on a kitchen layout. There are also those who consult a noted kitchen design planner for ideas prior to creating their own design. Regardless of the way you want to start your kitchen project, it’s important to incorporate style, function, and proportion in your plan.

Getting the Measurements Right

The first step to remodelling any room is to measure the area. This way, you’ll know how much space you have for cabinets, appliances and foot traffic. Knowing the dimensions of your kitchen also helps you determine the sizes of the appliances and furniture pieces that you can use. This is especially important when you’re not tearing down cabinets and walls, but buying new kitchen equipment instead. You wouldn’t want to end up with furniture pieces or appliances that don’t fit in the spaces allotted for them.

Adding Important Features

The key to having a great kitchen is to have all the features you need. Before thinking about themes, colours, and appliances, create a list of features that you want to have in your kitchen. Think about your household’s lifestyle and determine how your kitchen affects your family’s way of life. Do you entertain guests in the kitchen regularly? Does your family prefer eating meals in the kitchen? You may need to add furniture pieces, including a breakfast nook, an island, or a bar. When adding features, think about foot traffic and the way you move around the kitchen.

Planning Your Budget

Once you have a concrete idea of how you want your kitchen to look, it’s time to decide on a preliminary budget. Deciding on a budget at this stage lets you see which elements of the design you should keep or change. It gives you a realistic view of what you can and cannot do. This is the time to adjust your financial plan to come up with a workable budget.

To decide on a budget, decide whether your kitchen project is a basic remodel, a mid-to-upper range renovation, or a full/ deluxe kitchen reconstruction. A basic remodel follows your kitchen’s existing structure. This means you won’t have to redo electrical and plumbing arrangements. A mid-to-upper renovation means changing the layout or adding features, such as an island. A full reconstruction includes changing the cabinets, tearing down walls, and altering the room’s layout.

Consulting a Kitchen Design Planner

Talking to a professional kitchen design planner is important, even when you’re doing the remodelling yourself. A designer can help you come up with a style that fits your home. This way, you won’t end up with a kitchen that’s completely out of place in your house. Additionally, a professional may help you process construction permits, which is convenient when planning a full kitchen reconstruction.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Renovate your kitchen and get ready to have fun and delicious times with your family and friends.