Game Designing as a Career: Is it for You?

GamingThe console, the PC or Mac, the Android device or the iPhone/iPad, portable gaming devices: you are never more than 50 yards away from at least one of these. You spend more time playing video games than hanging out with friends.

There is just something about gaming that’s hardwired into people’s brains. For most gamers, a gaming device is the last thing they see before they go to sleep (when they finally go to sleep), and the first thing they grab when they wake up.

Can’t imagine yourself doing anything else with your time? Make a career out of it!

What’s in It for You?

You get to play, play, and play more. It’s probably difficult to find anyone working in the video game industry that is not totally in love with gaming in the first place. James Cook University Singapore explains that studying game design at a notable university in Singapore and you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who share your singular passion. When you start working in the industry, you’ll be paid to do the thing you love: gaming. You’ll also have the opportunity to build games and be part of a creative team.

The industry is on fire. A huge and still growing percentage of the population that has access to smartphones plays video games. This industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. You are assured of a future as a game designer. You’ll be earning quite a decent amount of money too, especially if you become an executive for a video game company someday.

You can take care of your health. Believe it or not, being a gamer or a game designer is a healthier option than a regular office job. Games help people lose stress and have fun. Ever notice how time seems to fly by twice as fast when you’re having so much fun playing? Now you get to do that at work. You’ll probably beat deadlines way ahead of time without even noticing it.

Being a video game designer should rank as one of the best jobs in the world; it’s almost like being a professional athlete. You only get paid to do the thing you love to do the most.