Gasoline Addict In Trouble For Violating Ban

A British gasoline addict went before a judge New Year’s Eve after violating an order banning him from gas stations.

 Gas Guzzler

gasoline addictBrian Taylor, 41, is allegedly addicted to sniffing and drinking gasoline. He also has a history of attacking petrol pumps. According to a persecutor, Taylor obtains petrol and consumes it.

 The 41-year-old recently got into trouble when he was spotted by employees of a North Yorkshire service station on December 30, attempting to obtain gasoline. On the same day, he went to another gasoline station with the same intent.

 Antisocial Behavior

Taylor is subject to an antisocial behavior. The court made an order for him to stay away from gasoline stations. He was given 16 weeks in prison and was suspended for 12 months. Taylor was also ordered to pay the equivalent of $200 in “cost and victim surcharge.”

 In 2005, Taylor was caught on a CCTV camera consuming gas. He stole gasoline in the same station 51 times.

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