Gearing Up for a More Productive and Efficient Business Operation

Posted on Aug 24 2013 - 8:00am by Cathy Brunetti

Gears, bearings, and seals are important components of the machines you use for your turning operations. These parts are also common in modern live tools, which maximize the machines’ capabilities and efficiency. Choosing the right brand and type of tools will ensure a better and more productive operation. Your choice will depend on the type of application and its requirements. Mazak and Okuma are two of the most popular names in live tool manufacturing.

Here are some important guidelines and considerations when shopping for live tools.

Design and Engineering

Live tools come in different designs, but it’s best to choose those made from the highest tensile and compression materials, such as nickel chrome molybdenum alloys. Proper torque transmission and precision concentricity are important, so go for products with high quality drive shafts. The bearings should be of the highest precision to ensure a smooth and high-speed rotation.

What’s Inside

The quality of the interior components says a lot about the tools’ durability and reliability. Labyrinth seals, for instance, protects the main chamber from damages caused by exposure to contaminants and coolants. Look for tools that have ground eccentric nuts for accuracy and strong toll shank grip. These nuts prevent collet twisting or rocking.

Hand matched gears are your best options to minimize backlash. The gear’s design is also an important consideration. Custom ground spiral bevel gears, for example, minimize tooth root stress and maximizes drive torque output. This provides longer life for the tools. You should also check if the tool features evenly placed bearings for balanced torque stress through the input and output shafts.

Finding Live Tools

Live tool manufacturers and distributors are everywhere. Asking for recommendations from colleagues is also a good way to get in touch with a reliable live tools provider.

Maximize your business’ efficiency and productivity by using high quality tools. Visit this site to find the right tools for all your operational needs.