Get the Look: Korean Fashion Tips and Advice

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 5:41am by Leola Schamber

fashionable korean clothesIn South Korea, fashion is a way of life. Both men and women exert effort and take pride in the way they present themselves to other people. Trendy and fashion forward, they are very experimental in their style. Clean, neat lines characterize Korean men’s fashion, while women’s fashion is both dainty and classy.

Whether you’re planning to visit Korea or settle in the country for good, these Korean fashion clothing tips will help you get that Korean look:

Cover Your Top

While Korean women wear small shorts, and mini skirts and dresses, they aren’t fond of wearing revealing tops. Women seldom wear skimpy tanks, hanging shirts, and tube tops. You can get away with baring your arms in a spaghetti strap, though, but make sure it’s not a cleavage-revealing garment.

Size Differs

Foreign women usually find it difficult to shop for inner wear and shoes in Korea. As they are thinner, Korean women are usually in the A to B cup bra sizes, with shoe sizes rarely running above a standard US size of 8-9. This is why it’s important to have plenty of both if you’re planning to go on a vacation in the country.


Korean women are usually short, with average height ranging from 5”-5”2. This is why they are fond of wearing high-heeled shoes. Heels are very typical of Korean fashion. They are worn by women everyday and on almost any occasion. Ballerina flats and oxford-style shoes are popular during winter.


Call them pantyhose, stockings, or leggings, but either way, they cover women’s legs and they are a staple in Korean women fashion. Leggings are popular during winter and other cold months in the country. They are usually paired with shorts and miniskirts.


Layering is another staple in Korean fashion. As the country’s weather is cooler than most countries in Asia, Koreans layer clothes for both comfort and style. Jackets, trench coats, scarves, and sweater dress are popular in the country all year round.

In Korea, everyday is a fashion show. Koreans are among the most fashionable people in the world. They value fashion and style highly, and always think about how they look in front other people. Every person dresses, and everyone impresses. Korea is a place where you can bring out the inner “fashionista” in you.