Getting Ready to Move to the Countryside

Country Living in TakaniniThe bright lights, the streets that are never empty, the towering buildings, even the noise and the traffic are part of your home, part of the city you have lived in, enjoyed and loved all your life. Now that you are yearning for rural bliss, for the silence broken only by the chirping of birds and the call of nocturnal insects, for the panoramic view of the clouds kissing the mountains that appear so near, city life seems like a harsh reality to wake up to every day.

But don’t just throw everything you own in your car and drive down to the sticks. Many people who once thought this was the life they wanted pack up and hurry back to the city in a few months or a couple of years, and all because they did not know what to expect. They didn’t prepare enough.

Here are a few ideas to help you get settled in the country, once you’ve decided the city’s no longer home:

The pub is an important part of life

The local pub is the centre of the universe in most places in the country. So if you want your stay to be successful, frequent the local joint and get familiar with the bartender, who will be happy to introduce you to some local folk who might become your friends.

The church is also a big deal

Join the local church where you’ll meet just about everyone, from the mayor to the sheriff and on to your nearest neighbours. You’ll find that it’s nice to belong to a friendly community of church-goers.

Learn to handle animals

This is not your average potty-trained pooch anymore. This is the country, so you’ll have to learn how to deal with a lot more kinds of animals — but that’s only if you would like to care for some. After all, what will you do with all that land and all that grass? You’ll have a steady relationship with the vet, know exactly where to buy calf feed and everything else you need to take care of animals, says You’ll also be sharing care and breeding tips with your neighbours.

Support local stores

Buy your needs from the local businesses, particularly the produce. Your new community will appreciate this, and you’ll even meet more people at the supermarkets and small businesses.

These are a few of the things you need to know now. Your new life in the country will be much more enjoyable if you come prepared.