Why Google is Not Indexing Your Site

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index seoIt’s a known fact that Google must index your site so you can get traffic. If not, you’re lost, and it will be difficult for everyone to find your content because it’s not part of Google’s search index.

The first step is to diagnose the issue, and this article will help you do just that.

Here’s a list of reasons Google is not indexing your site. Work through this list and you’ll find your cause and cure.

Google Hasn’t Found the Site Yet

This is a problem with new sites. You need to wait days, but if it takes too long for Google to index your site, maybe your sitemap is not working properly. If you haven’t submitted a sitemap, that’s another problem.

Read about Google’s Sitemap policy. Once you do that, creating one will be a breeze.

You Have Too Much Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content confuses Google and other search engines, and this will only make them give up indexing your site.

Multiple URLs that provide the exact same content on your site means you have duplicate content. To fix the issue, simply choose the page you want to keep and 301 the rest.

You Got De-Indexed

If the site suffered from a manual penalty and Google removed it from the index, you need to work very hard to get it back in.

Google will also remove you from the index if your site has a shady history (that you know or do not know about). If this is the case, a lurking manual penalty is still probably preventing the indexation, and you need to get the help of white label SEO companies like SEOResellerProgram.com to get it back in.

You Have Hosting Downtimes or the Site Takes Forever to Load

Google doesn’t like sites that take forever to load. If yours does, chances are, Google will not index it at all.

Crawlers will also not index your site if they can’t access it—obviously. It still happens, though, because some site hosts suffer from frequent outage. If it does, shop for another one.

Indexation is the corner stone of successful SEO. If the site or certain pages of the site you are working on are not indexing, it’s important to figure out why—and do something about it.