Google Updates Voice Search Function By Adding More Features

google voiceGoogle officially announced that its Voice Search function would now return results for several spoken commands and queries, based on details stored in user’s Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+ account.

Voice-supported personalized search

Google said that for every post to the Google Inside Search blog, people can now use voice search for information on flights, reservations, and purchases that have similar email notifications in Gmail, calendar details within GCal, and photos posted to Google+.

Google provided several examples of how it will function.

For instance, if the users have a flight confirmation in their email, they can ask Google if their flight is one time, or what gatethey should take, and it will provide an answer based on that email and the time.

Upgrades with personal information

Google says the new added features will be available on desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablet computers for all English-speaking American users.

The company also explains that users do not need to update their apps for the changes to happen.

While Google has for awhile been able to return voice-based queries for facts and measurements using its web search, these new, more personalized capabilities could broaden both the appeal of the Google app for iOS, as well as Android smartphones in general.

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