Grown-Up Decisions 101: Why it’s Better to Buy Your First Home

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 3:12am by Cathy Brunetti

new home buildersWhen it comes to real estate, both buying and building have their merits. You have more creative control when building a house. On the other hand, hiring a realtor to find property will save you a lot of time. For your first home, however, buying might be better than building. Here’s why:

Dollar and Demographic

In Australia, people who buy their first homes are typically in their late twenties and early thirties. These are the booming young professionals who may not yet be earning the most in their chosen career tracks. When you’re young and still trying to stabilise your income and expenses, the stress of a construction might be too much on your finances.

Fortunately, there are enough Townsville new homes in the market that it’s not impossible to find a house that is within your price range. They might even be in a good school district or just a few blocks away from business and commercial districts.

Accommodating Changes

A group of people more inclined to buy rather than build are newly married couples. When you’re single and starting a family is the last thing on your mind, renting may suit your lifestyle. Once the ‘I Do’s have been said and the children start coming, though, such a life may require something more stable.

Your new family of two may double in the next few years. It doesn’t make sense to exhaust time and money on constructing your dream home only to renovate to accommodate your growing brood in just a couple of years. Buying a new home gives you a less costly foundation to change as your family grows.

Less Work, Better Yield

Whether you’re a new family man or a young career woman, time is a more valuable commodity than money. You simply don’t have time to worry about all the details that come with construction. This is why more people turn to builder companies like Cougar Homes in Townsville and Cairns or local residential property developers in Perth or Darwin because it saves them both time and money.

With a few clicks of the button and a few short calls to the new homebuilders Townsville has to offer, you could move into your first home in a few weeks. This is possible without the hassle of building a home from the ground up.