Hello Kitty Beer Sold Exclusively In China

hello kitty beerHello Kitty, the iconic cartoon cat designed by the Japanese company Sanrio, is now offering beer in China.

Exclusive on China

Most popular beers in China all come as having the same taste, which is mellow and fruity. A new beer in China also has the same taste, but this time, marketed as Hello Kitty Beer.

The adorable cartoon character, best known for children’s clothes, now has its own fruit-flavored beer, which is sold only in China.

The can comes in different colors of green and raspberry, with a Hello Kitty logo imprinted on the front.

With a low alcohol content of 2.3%, the beer tastes “more like fruit juice than beer,” says the website.

Fruit-flavored beer

The Hello Kitty brew, licensed by the Shanghai trading company and created by Taiwanese beer manufacturer Long Chuan, comes in six tropical flavors where buyers can choose from passion fruit to banana.

While the beer has only 2.3% by volume, they’re so sweet that people can drink too mucheasily.

A review said that “the lemon flavor tasted like a light limeade of sorts, almost losing the lemon flavoring. It was smooth and sweet, like a lime soda. It didn’t taste like beer.”

While this is not the first instance where a beer was labeled Hello Kitty, this is the first time Hello Kitty beer has gone fruity and sold exclusively in China.