Hijuelos, The Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist No More

Oscar Hijuelos, the Cuban-American novelist who had many best sellers to his credit died of a heart attack on Saturday in Manhattan while playing tennis, said his agent Jennifer Lyons. Hijuelos was 62.

agentHijuelos’ Long Journey

Hijuelos, whose work has most often captured the loss and triumphs of Cuban immigrants, has authored many best selling novels including ‘The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love’, his 1989 novel, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in a year later. This book also earned him a lot international acclaim and made him the first Hispanic writer to receive the Pulitzer honor.

The book was later turned into a movie that starred the likes of Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas.

In his 2011 memoir, ‘Thoughts Without Cigarettes’, Hijuelos chronicled his struggles as an ‘ethnic’ writer and mentioned how difficult it is for the considerable number of talented Latino writers to gain fame and recognition in the literary world.

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