Home Features that Promote Natural Light


Many people take sunlight for granted. They don’t realise that it can be the key to saving money and making the house brighter. In fact, by installing home features that promote natural light, you can get enough Vitamin D and avoid the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you want to minimise the use of artificial light, you should add the following to your home:


Also known as a greenhouse or orangery, this can serve as an extension of your home. It’s suitable for living or dining areas where you can invite family and guests for a get-together. A hardwood conservatory usually takes up to six weeks to complete, but you’ll definitely love the feeling of seeing the outdoors from your home.


This allows you to brighten up a dark room, as it receives natural light directly from above. It has three different types: Fixed skylights are permanent, so nobody can open it from the inside or outside. Ventilating skylights are like windows that you can open, so it’s possible to remove heat and regulate temperature inside the room. Tubular skylights are ideal for narrow areas, like the hallway and bathroom, as it reflects sunlight using a small dome and travels through a reflective tube.

Roof Lantern

This allows you to maximise the use of natural light. It works like a skylight, but covers at least 80% of the roof. It’s a good choice for living rooms and conservatories because it can occupy the entire ceiling. If installed properly using high quality materials, you don’t have to worry about damages during severe weather conditions. This also promotes relaxation, as you can see the clear sky during a sunny day.

Whether you’re going for hardwood conservatories, skylights, or roof lanterns, you’ll get the benefits of promoting natural light into your home. There’s no wrong choice because it all depends on the light that you need.