Honda Technology – Not so Exiting Anymore?

honda-robot-research-technologyHonda’s robotic technology, though deemed the most advanced in the world, came under fire due to recent bloopers committed by its prodigal bubble head- Asimo. This world famous robot museum guide is supposed to be interactive as well as informative to all the visitors. Unfortunately, this walking, talking, intelligent robot is facing its on-job glitches as a guide, simply because it cannot make out the difference between a query and a snap shot!

The Bloopers committed

Visitors in the famous Miraikan science museum were disappointed on Wednesday as they discovered that Asimo has no voice recognition capabilities and cannot make out whether someone has raised his hand to ask a question or simply to take a picture. Moreover it can just answer the written question from a touch pad making it even more impersonal and well….unexciting.

Satoshi Shigemi , Head of Honda Technologies did acknowledge that  Asimo needs more work to make it smarter and efficient  and faster, tell the difference between an adult and a child, answer more questions, help visitor buy tickets in a station etc. It is also aimed that humanoid robots would be more immune so that they can be used in Nuclear stations too.

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