How Does a Rising Preference for Cremation Affect US Funeral Homes?

man shows a cremation jar to a woman

Americans have become more open to the idea of cremation as their final disposition in life. Hence, funeral homes in the country should pay attention to how it would affect their business.

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) expects the cremation rate to reach almost 64% by 2025 and nearly 79% by 2035, up from more than 50% in 2016.

Demand for New Products

A rising cremation rate means that urns will become more in-demand. Many people now look for sturdy yet elegant choices to store the ashes of their deceased loved ones. Even if you already have an established line of urns, you could further improve your collection by using a laser cutter or etcher.

Laser machines allow you to customize your products based on clients’ requests. This could be a worthwhile investment, particularly for businesses that specialize in unique designs. Some regions have a bigger demand for urns mostly because cremation rates in these markets are higher than in other areas.

Cremation Rates

States in the West Coast have a cremation rate of more than 70%, but those in the East Coast are slowly catching up on the trend. In New Jersey, the NFDA said that 64.4% of residents would prefer cremation by 2030, up from the current 48.5%.

The high price of a traditional burial serves as the main factor why many people have now chosen cremation. The price of a coffin alone can cost $10,000, as opposed to the estimated $2,000 bill for cremation that includes the crematory fee, urn, and niche-related expenses.

As the cost of dying in the US becomes increasingly expensive, funeral homes need to be flexible in providing choices for a client’s final resting place. This can be possible by using a laser machine since most people are expected to look for different urn designs.