‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ends, Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 5:15am by Cathy Brunetti
Image by Jonathan Mauer |  Wikimedia

Image by Jonathan Mauer | Wikimedia

After 9 full seasons, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) finally concluded the story of “How I Met Your Mother,” but with a number of unexpected and sweet twists.

Spoilers ahead!

Happily Ever After

Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, played by Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders, respectively, finally got married. After three years, however, they got divorced.

Ted and Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti)—the mother—eventually got married and had two kids, Penny and Luke. One of the theories fans didn’t want to happen came true, though. Tracy was already dead years before Ted began to tell the story.

After finishing the story, the two kids understood what the whole story was about: it wasn’t the story of how Ted met their mother; it was the story of how Ted loved Robin. The kids then gave their approval for their dad to get back together with Robin.

Mixed Reactions

Of course, the big divorce and the getting back together of Ted and Robin didn’t exactly sit well with everyone online.

One fan tweeted, “It took me so long to get over the fact Ted and Robin weren’t going to end up together and now this?! Mixed Emotions.” Another said, “To sum up the #HIMYMfinale: nine years of character development destroyed in less than 5 minutes.”

Other, however, loved the ending.  “#HIMYM creators stayed true to the story,” tweeted one fan. “Finale fit the show, even if it is not what I wanted. Can’t stop thinking about it. #HIMYMFinale.”

“Whoever says the #HIMYMFinale was disappointing missed the whole point of Ted Mosby’s character,” tweeted another.