Ice Cream Mania: Top 7 Ice Cream Variants in Australia

Estimated at eighteen litres per person each year, Australia’s consumption of ice cream is third only to New Zealand and the United States. Australian ice cream comes in many varieties, with some of the most popular being:

Streets Paddle Pop Banana
This is a great treat for kids, as it’s the right size and has no artificial colours or flavours. You also don’t have to worry about your kids making a mess, as its light colour doesn’t stain the clothes like some brightly coloured ice blocks do.

Nestle Peters Drumstick
This is the ideal ice cream if you’re not in the mood to share with anyone. Just find a nice place to sit down, unwrap the ice cream cone and enjoy. You’re sure to love its nuttiness and mild chocolate layer on top.

Nestle Peters Skinny Cow
This is a tasty summer treat for dieters, as it doesn’t have any added sugar. Available as an ice cream cookie, Nestle Peters Skinny Cow comes in three flavours: vanilla, caramel, and chocolate.

Coles Finest Caramel Date and Pecan
The vanilla ice cream has a nice, fresh taste that isn’t too sweet. When combined with the caramel, the ice cream melts in your mouth. The denseness and sweetness of the dates, and the crunchy, yet buttery texture of the pecans also give this ice cream a unique touch.

Nestle Peters Billabong Barney Banana
Made from real bananas, you’ll go crazy for this delicious popsicle. The bananas add a creamy and fruity taste to the ice cream, making Barney Banana a great dessert alternative to fruits.

Streets Cornetto
This is a great creamy and smooth ice cream. It has the right amount of vanilla ice cream filling its cone, but the best parts are its chocolate tip and nut topping.

Nestle Peters Maxibon
This is a delicious combination of creamy vanilla ice cream and choc chips, wrapped in a half biscuit, half choc shell. Covered in hazelnuts and biscuit crumbs, Maxibon is not for lickers, but for biters.

With 18 litres per person each year, Australian’s do love their ice cream. With these delicious variants, no one can blame them if one scoop is never enough.