If Your Car Ain’t Broke, Maintain It!

Car MaintenanceThere is no mandate in any country ordering car owners to perform regular maintenance procedures. This does not mean that nobody does it.

According to an industry report by PwC Strategy&, vehicle servicing, including vehicle key replacement, is peaking at historic levels, setting a sales record of just under 17.5 million vehicles in 2015, up 5.7 percent from the year before and topping the high-water mark of 17,402,486 in 2000.

Despite having no immediate benefit other than the refreshing of car components, more and more owners realise the value of prepping their vehicles.

So, if you are not following the trend, it is either you have not experienced a vehicle breakdown or you are yet to find the real value of maintaining your car.

Accident Forecasting

Some of the problems you encounter on the road are accidents caused by another person or a failure in one of your vehicle components. With regular maintenance, you eliminate the element of malfunction on your part. A servicing will ensure all the necessary checks from your brakes to belts are OK before you hit the road again. Overall, maintenance gives you peace of mind that errors are already identified and dealt with properly.

It Saves Money

While this value is often heard, many still do not realise this. If you count and compare the price of your total maintenance cost versus repairing and overhauling damage—you will know that paying for your car’s peak performance in instalments is indeed cheaper. From oil pumps to air filters, there are preventative measures that save you expensive repair costs later on.

Classic Driving

With proper maintenance in place, your classic car model will be performing well. By regularly attending to your car, you are improving its lifespan; the better you treat it, the longer and farther it will take you.

There’s value in acknowledging the things you need to do. Doing what you can do now is always the best idea.