In Business and In Health

It’s a rare thing to find the words business and health in a single sentence. More often than not, people use them in a slew of other ways in a given discourse, but not in conjunction with each other — oil and water, as they say. But health and business are more closely tied to each other than one might expect. Theirs is a strong relationship that has stayed that way through the years.

Healthy Business Growth

Businesses depend more on health and wellness in ways a few could only imagine. For instance, data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that employers have invested a total of $560.9 billion on health insurance alone in 2010. Since that time, health and wellness programs such as discounted gym memberships and regular office mold removal have become common in metropolitan cities like San Francisco and San Jose, California.

Business leaders today understand the need for an empowered and motivated workforce for their business operations. Reports suggest that healthier employees tend to be more pro-active and demonstrate a substantial increase in productivity. They would rather invest in their employees’ morale than risk losing their businesses.

Health Advancements

Health and wellness, in turn, have benefited from the robust investments companies have made. The in-flow of financial resources has paved the way for better methods in disease management, fitness management, organ transplants, and surgical technologies. In the field of medicine, for example, $49 billion has been invested in research and development of new medicines.

Currently, biopharmaceutical companies are developing over a thousand drugs for curing diseases such as diabetes and cancer. It’s only a matter of time before health professionals and scientists make a breakthrough for currently incurable diseases like AIDS.

Apart from these advancements, developments in medical science have also spurred environmental standards for businesses. Now, business owners have to secure environmental permits and conduct mandatory health procedures like reliable mold removal and water system maintenance. They can also learn more information about proper environmental standards on the Internet.

Indeed, the words business and health are seldom put together in a single thought. This is because these two words are almost synonymous in perhaps all industries. You simply cannot state one and forget the other. They are the building blocks of every progressive community, firm figures in the tides of time.

About the author

Cathy Brunetti

Cathy is a law student in a university in the U.K. She writes blogs and reviews about constitutional law and house bills.