Inside the Mind of Consumers: Top 4 Marketing Strategies to Connect with Millennial Shoppers

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marketing strategyStartups, big companies and even small business owners seem to be talking more about Millennials today. In fact, they are all fascinated with them. Those between the ages of 14 and 35 are probably the most important demographic right now.

Earlier this year, a research shows that Millennials account for almost 23 percent of the UK population. It simply means this generation represents a huge proportion, which explains why everyone is so captivated.

With all the attention focused on Millennials, you may want to take this opportunity to know the right marketing strategies to use to connect with them.

Have a Solid Online Presence

Whatever you sell, be it asset management software, steel tubing, interactive books or clothes, online is the right place to be. Millennials love to shop online, as it provides comfort and convenience. When you sell online, you position your business next to your rivals who know how to market to Millennials. A full-service digital agency, Digital Cherry, says you need an online strategy that is not only easy to use, but is also enticing.

Go Social

Millennials are masters of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. They ask their friend’s advice or look for reviews when preparing for a purchase decision. To compel them to buy, make social sharing an essential part of your marketing effort. Get them to “Follow” or “Like” you.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

As millennial consumers rely heavily on tech, you need to create a mobile optimised shopping experience. For them, smartphones or tables are compulsory. That makes shopping methods via mobile highly important. To make your website mobile-friendly, provide big images, seamless mobile loading and easy-to-tap buttons. Have no worry, as Google now makes this task easier for businesses with the company’s “mobile-friendly” label. You can test your site to know what your business looks like on a device.

Create Content about Related Information

What does your keyword research show? Are there Millennials looking for the products or services you offer? Develop a content marketing strategy that aims this generation. Millennial shoppers tend to do a thorough research before buying online, so your content should be relevant to what they are searching for.

Millennials these days have the time, power and money, so it only makes sense to market to this generation. The opportunity is here just waiting for you to go for it.