Is Your Pipeline Network Ready for a Surge in Energy Export Demand?

Natural Gas Storage Tanks

If you are still searching for the best HDPE pipe manufacturers in Australia, now should be a good time to decide on energy. Experts predict exports from the country to reach $230 billion.

The federal government’s report showed that LNG and oil would lead the surge in export products between 2018 and 2019. LNG would also surpass coal as the second most exported product in 2018, following key projects in some states.

Pipeline Preparations

Exports are likely to account for an estimated 70 per cent of gas production in the country, which signifies the need for companies to prepare their pipelines for the expected surge in export activity.

Demand for LNG worldwide is set to reach 300 million tonnes, particularly in Asian markets. Energy firms that remain undecided on switching to LNG exports should consider the upward growth trend of the resource.

Over the next five years, analysts expect LNG exports to buck a downward slump affecting exports of iron ore, gold, metallurgical and thermal coal. By 2023, LNG will rank on top of Australia’s energy exports with $39 billion of economic activity.

Revenue Generators

Queensland is among the states that are cashing in on the profitability of LNG exports. A trio of power plants that have been online since 2015 would generate around $11 billion of exports in 2018. The anticipated windfall will take place after LNG prices and demand fell three years ago.

Now, the state is reaping the rewards of the three projects, despite a short-term kink in nationwide energy exports. From next year, exports will drop below $230 billion before rising again to $240 billion by 2022.

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